Rixx Lotion may be used to compliment your active lifestyle. The herbal qualities of Rixx Lotion may help relieve muscle soreness, leg cramping and control inflammation. Athletes of all ages and levels have used Rixx to stay on top of their game. Rixx Lotion is a natural non-toxic formula.

Exercises for Lower Back Pain – Sports Injuries
Rixx Lotion is the best all natural inflammation control available using three forms of natural products. It contains witch hazel, one of the oldest anti-inflammation control solutions in North America. Witch hazel has been a very inflammation control solution, although often overlooked. Some of our grandmothers even gave us back rubs with it.

Omega 3, one of the highest forms, which comes from Hempseed Oil, and Aloe Vera are also very powerful in assisting with inflammation control as a penetrant. Our new Rixx Lotion contains all three. So the muscles get help from reduction of swelling by all three in a non-greasy, gentle penetrating lotion.

During the injury, just as we will not use a finger when it is painful, our brain will not send messages to an injured muscle to work when it is rebuilding. Here is the exercise to help re-connect body and brain. Another analogy is when you are sitting on the bench until it is time to join the game. When the coach (like the brain) give the signal to jump in, you go from idle to full speed. But you need the signal.

If your knee, shoulder, or other part of the body were damaged from a sports accident or fall, here is an exercise to let the brain know that it is time for that part in particular to start working again properly. (as in holding strength). You can actually do this exercise lying on a bed, on the floor or standing up. It’s called cross crawling. If you were in the Army or studying Army history, you would call it Goose stepping. It is really 4000 years old.

On your back, lift the opposite leg and opposite arm at the same time, then the other side. Do about 20 reps. This exercise will turn on all the muscles in the body and re-synchronize them with the brain. We suggest that you add this to your training War Chest. For more information I recommend the book “Touch for Health” by Dr. John Thie, D.C.

Getting Back in the Game
By using two ways to aid the natural rebuilding process 1) balancing the body and 2) reducing the inflammation around the area we can have a less painful recovery period and get back to what we love faster!

Let us know if you have any questions, and be sure to read on our blog about results that some of our customers have had.